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Meret Oppenheim

Afferrare la vita per la coda

  • Author: Martina Corgnati
  • Year: 2014
  • Language: Italian
  • Pages: 540
  • Price: 35.00 €
  • ISBN: 978-88-6010-085-6
  • Size: cm 15.5 x 23
  • Illustrations: 96 b/w

Woman, artist, outsider, icon: from her groundbreaking debut with Breakfast in fur, which made it into the MOMA when she was just over 20, to her lengthy and difficult quest to be cast off artistic, ideological and gender-related labels, Meret Oppenheim (1913-1985) is one of the few female figures in art history famous for challenging time-honoured rules and preconceptions in the name of a genuine vocation.
Her life and work were shaped by a radical outlook: no easy path, both in terms of the conformist society of the day, and the inherent sexism that characterised the artistic and literary milieu of her time. Man Ray's revered muse, Breton's irreverent protégé, a party to and exponent of the most radical experiments and most exciting artistic adventures in the twentieth century, Meret Oppenheim was a free spirit with the confidence and at times tormented originality of a natural talent.
From her encounter with the theories of Carl Jung to her dazzling engagement with the surrealists; from her long struggle with depression to her magnetic attraction to Max Ernst, aged just 20; from her intense, profound artistic partnership with Alberto Giacometti to her secret and, to date, little known friendship with Marcel Duchamp, Martina Corgnati traces a faithful and intriguing portrait of a woman and artist who, following in the footsteps of Virginia Woolf and Lou Salome and combating the facile stereotypes of an all-female art,  had the courage to shout out to women of every era: "Freedom will not be given to us: we have to take it for ourselves".

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Martina Corgnati, art historian and curator, is a lecturer in art history at the Accademia Albertina in Turin. She is interested in women's art and modern and contemporary art of the Mediterranean and Near East. Her publications include Artiste. Dall’Impressionismo al nuovo millennio (2004), L’opera replicante. La strategia dei simulacri nell’arte contemporanea (2009), I quadri che ci guardano. Opere in dialogo (2011).
Before writing this biography she worked extensively on the figure of Meret Oppenheim, curating the first Italian retrospective devoted to her after her death, held in Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan (1998-99), and together with Lisa Wenger, editing the collection of letters and private papers entitled Meret Oppenheim. Worte nicht in giftige Buchstaben einwickeln (2013).

Preface by Lisa Wenger

1. Berlino. 6 ottobre 1913
2. La famiglia di Meret
3. Ritratto dell’artista da cucciola

4. Parigi. 1932-1933
5. Alcune riflessioni sulla morte
6. Il Salon des Surindépendants

7. Nel club surrealista
8. Max
9. La bellezza convulsiva
10. Guanti, braccialetti, orsi bianchi
11. Colazione al moma
12. Marcel
13. Il ritorno dell’incertezza
14. La donna di pietra
15. La bella estate
16. Ménage à quatre
17. Designer surrealista
18. Venti di guerra
19. Un lungo isolamento
20. L’ultima volta di Marcel
21. Guerra e pace
22. Hedera
23. Riemergere dal diluvio
24. Wolfgang
25. Rivedere Parigi
26. A Berna
27. Il ritorno della cometa surrealista
28. Uscire dalla crisi

29. Afferrare i desideri per la coda
30. Diventare se stessi
31. Festa di primavera
32. Un’artista internazionale senza mercato
33. A cinquant’anni
34. Il guado sui fiumi del lutto
35. Casa Costanza
36. Nemo propheta in patria
37. Serpenti, simboli, natura
38. Giochi d’estate, cadavres exquis, spiriti liberi
39. Il segreto della vegetazione
40. Una mostra fondamentale
41. Il Premio d’arte della città di Basilea
42. Una lingua giusta per ogni pensiero
43. Donna, artista
44. Anche le parole trovano le loro pagine

45. Il Premio d’arte della città di Berlino e dintorni
46. La difficile nascita di una spirale. Meret Oppenheim e l’arte pubblica
47. Settantesimo compleanno
48. Oltre le immagini: pensieri, parole, discorsi
49. Bettina e Karoline
50. Il santo della clessidra

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