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La fabbrica del mostro nell'arte moderna. Omuncoli, giganti e acefali

  • Author: Jean Clair
  • Year: 2015
  • Language: Italian
  • Pages: 166
  • Price: 24.00 euro €
  • ISBN: 978-88-6010-152-5
  • Size: cm 15.5 x 23
  • Illustrations: 63 b/w

Once merely an exception and object of curiosity, the monstrous has become a common experience, overrunning everything with its troubled, deviant forms that defy the harmony of the classic canon. Indeed, in a disconcerting shift in perspective, disproportion, or hybris, has become the rule.

The abyss opened in 1895, when the many revolutionary discoveries and theories – cinema, psychoanalysis, x-rays, Penfield’s neurological research and the first studies of hysteria – prevented artists from continuing to represent the body as they had always done.

Jean Clair dissects the modern aesthetic with its proliferation of monstrous, exaggerated forms, beginning at the beginning with Goya, continuing with the malaise expressed in Redon’s symbolist paintings and arriving at the crossbreeds of the twentieth century in works by Miró, Ernst, Duchamp, Grosz, Picasso, Giacometti, and Balthus. Clair’s analysis focuses on three exemplary figures that weave themselves through the fabric of the centuries, eventually serving as tormented paradigms: the deformed, disjointed homunculus, the Behemoth, which, following on Swift and Voltaire, came to incarnate the deadly madness of the revolution that devours its own children, and the Acéphale celebrated by Bataille, the headless monster whose mutilated body is the unnerving child of the guillotine.

Bringing to bear the work of thirty years, Clair offers an intriguing view of the contemporary. Continuing his exploration of themes from exhibitions such as ‘Identità e alterità’ and ‘Crime et châtiment’, the author traces a path that winds through centuries of terrifying, exaggerated creatures who force themselves into consciousness with the finality of facts, becoming instruments to gauge the degree of disorientation in our hybris-saturated present. Now a new monstrous creature has appeared in an unexpected light as a colossal, decapitated, senseless container of an immense, formless, frenetic mass: the global museum.

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Jean Clair (1940), art historian and essayist, was curator of the Musée d’art moderne and Centre Pompidou and directed the Musée Picasso until 2005. Director of the Venice Biennial in its centennial year, he has curated many international exhibitions and published influential writings on artists (Duchamp and Balthus) and on trends in contemporary art. He has been a member of the Académie française since 2008.

1. Prologue
Al di là del bello e del brutto

2. L’ingresso dei mostri
1895: un’anatomia impossibile

3. Nascita dell’omuncolo
“La bellezza sarà convulsa”

4. Il ritorno dei titani
Figure del gigante, dall’Illuminismo ai nostri tempi

5. La ghigliottina e il clavicembalo

6. Nascita dell’acefalo

7. Il museo e la morte