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L’occhio incantato

  • Author: Dominique Laugè / Roberto Mutti
  • Year: 2006
  • Language: Italian - English - French
  • Pages: 136
  • Price: 35.00 €
  • ISBN: 88-6010-026-7
  • Size: cm 40 x 25.5
  • Illustrations: 58 colour

Dominique Laugé is a well-known photographer in the advertising world. L’occhio incantato presents his latest production, his photographic quest in the ever-changing natural environment in search of lights and shadows that bring to life sea surfaces, glaciers, volcanic ashes, autumnal woods, flowery meadows. His works immediately remind of another famous photographer, Ansel Adams, but for Dominique Laugé the commitment is not limited to the photographic technique and the subjects to be portrayed, but spans to the medium to print his work on, the paper. For this series of pictures, Laugé selected a hand-made paper, produced in Sicily, especially fine-tuned so as to enhance the photos’ light and contrast; in the book, within the limits of industrial production, the publisher has paid particular attention to the paper so as to reproduce the same sensations given by original artworks.

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Dominique Laugé was born in France and lived for many years in Italy. He collaborates with major international advertising agencies, never ceasing to renovate his style. He currently lives and works in France.

Roberto Mutti focused on journalism and theatre before devoting himself to photography. As critic he writes for specialized magazines (Fotografare, Photo, Gente di fotografia, Il fotografo, Fotographia), and has curated exhibitions in Italy and abroad.