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Art in the Age of Videogames

  • Author: Matteo Bittanti - Domenico Quaranta
  • Year: 2006
  • Language: Italian - English
  • Pages: 456
  • Price: 32.00 €
  • ISBN: 978-88-6010-010-8
  • Size: cm 20 x 17
  • Illustrations: colour

Contemporary artists meet the challenge of producing artworks with every-day materials, tools and media; and videogames are among them. How can we make art with videogames? Miltos Manetas portrays the hardware and the players in his paintings; Todd Deutsch takes pictures of game players during exhausting contests; Tobias Bernstrup creates music performances and invents fabulous worlds; Eddo Stern builds fortresses and ships animated by videos; Jon Haddock uses game graphics to reproduce news items; Alison Mealey and Delire re-program the game so as to turn it into a sort of “automatic painting machine”. The book is a unique publication for his span (32 international artists, over 320 colour pictures) and in-depth analysis, the first reference book for all art expressions made with and on videogames, an attempt to free videogames from being “evil machines” and grant them a new recognition as cultural medium. The volume addresses the international public and devotes to the Italian readers a full translation of all critic texts.

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Matteo Bittanti and Domenico Quaranta are major game art experts. Matteo Bittanti works as researcher in New Media for the IULM University in Milan, Italy. As a writer he published essays and articles on videogames, cinema, videoclips and contemporary Italian and American literature. He cooperates with various Italian magazines such as Videogiochi, Giochi per il mio computer, Duellanti, Rolling Stone e Cineforum. Since 2005 he has been curating the collection Videoludica. game culture for an Italian publishing house. He lives in the United States. Domenico Quaranta is curator and art critic with a strong bias for new media. He collaborates with a number of magazines and newspapers (Exibart, Arte e Critica, Digimag, Corriere della Sera, Flash Art, Boiler, Noemalab, A minima, Titolo, Maska, Around Photography, Drome) and teaches Net Art at the Accademia di Brera in Milan. He lives and works in Brescia, Italy.

Game Art

Case History − Jon Haddock

AES+F Group

Cory Arcangel

Aram Bartholl

Dave Beck

Tobias Bernstrup

Nick Bertke

John Paul Bichard

Marco Cadioli

Mauro Ceolin

 Brody Condon

Joseph DeLappe

Delire (Julian Oliver)

Todd Deutsch

Micah Ganske

 Beate Geissler − Oliver Sann

Brent Gustafson

Margarete Jahrmann − Max Moswitzer


Joan Leandre

Miltos Manetas

Alison Mealey

Mark McCarthy

Shusha Niederberger

Nullpointer (Tom Betts)

Nullsleep (Jeremiah Johnson)

Totto Renna

RSG (Alexander Galloway)

Anne-Marie Schleiner,Brody Condon & Joan Leandre

Eddo Stern

Palle Torsson


Outro − Game Aesthetics

Italian translation

Authors’ Biographies / Biografie degli autori

Glossary / Glossario