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Laboratorio Italia

Nuove tendenze in pittura / New trends in painting

  • Edited by: Ivan Quaroni
  • Year: 2007
  • Language: Italian and English
  • Pages: 224
  • Price: 38.00 €
  • ISBN: 978-88-6010-005-4
  • Size: cm 21 x 27

Laboratorio italia documents the generation of Italian painters which began working at the end of the nineties and the start of the new millenium, with the aim of showing how many things have changed in the space of a decade. The work of the new generations, precisely thanks to artists' daily use of the web, more often than not speaks in terms influenced by the new globalized culture. The themes, forms, styles and approaches of young Italian painters are not that far removed from those of other Western countries. In some way the advent of the internet has brought an end to genius loci, from an artistic point of view too, and has fostered the germination of a myriad of 'glocal' expressions, influenced as much by global as by local culture.

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Ivan Quaroni was born in 1970 in Milan,he's an art critic, curator and journalist. He collaborates with Flash Art, Arte Mondadori and Espoarte. He looked after several exhibitions in private galleries as well as in public spaces.

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