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Valeria Agosti Nelli

  • Edited by: Ivan Quaroni
  • Year: 2006
  • Language: Italian - English
  • Pages: 128
  • Price: 30.00 €
  • ISBN: 88-6010-001-1
  • Size: 21 x 27 cm
  • Illustrations: colours

Ivan Quaroni draws upon an interview with the artist to trace her creative journey from the sculptural debut and the works on paper to the large paintings during the more recent stage of her career. Whether painted or sculpted Valeria Agosti Nelli’s skinny figures are the trademark of a unique style developed during years of disciplined work. The monograph closes with a short story by Milanese writer Roberto Piumini which evokes the atmospheres enclosed in Agosti Nelli’s works.

Valeria Agosti Nelli lives and works in Milan. Her works pivot on the theme of human fragility and instability. Her slender figures, drawn or sculpted, are the result of a profound research on the precariousness of human condition. Thanks to the use of delicate and ephemeral materials such as wood, wool and papier-mâché, the artist gives shape to a sensibility that is both fragile and strong, light and heavy.

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Born in Milan in 1970, Ivan Quaroni is an art journalist, critic and curator. He cooperates with art magazines such as Arte Mondadori, Espoarte, Uovo and Flash Art.

Roberto Piumini was born in 1947. He writes poems, fairy-tales and stories for children, novels, theatre plays, lyrics, musicals, along with translations of English poets. He lives and works in Milan and in Buonconvento (Tuscany).

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