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  • Edited by: Aldo Grasso - Vincenzo Trione
  • Year: 2014
  • Language: Italiano
  • Pages: 184
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  • ISBN: 978-88-6010-116-7
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In the lengthy history of Italian TV art has had a place right from the start: 3 January 1954, when the RAI began broadcasting, was also the date of the first cultural programme, Le avventure dell’arte (The Adventures of Art). And it was indeed an adventure: the outstanding communicative potential of the new medium, which took high culture into many Italian homes for the first time, soon came up against the scepticism, if not downright boycott of a substantial part of critics and intellectuals, as well as navigatng the minefield of translating culture from one medium to another.
Sixty years on, the scenario and the protagonists of this story are vastly different, with the presence of private broadcasters and pay tv greatly expanding what is on offer, not to mention the switch to digital, and the natural evolution of television language and personalities, including artists and critics. But while the context has changed, the issues regarding the relationship between art and TV remain the same, first and foremost the legitimacy of a popular medium to convey high-brow culture, and the small screen's approach to art, including the various forms of art education which are held to be the main and most obvious use of the medium.

This aspect is the focus of the essays gathered in this book, some concerning the specific field of television communication and others focusing on art. Despite these different angles, what comes to the fore is the close relationship between the two most influential visual media of the late 20th century.

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Aldo Grasso is Professor of history of radio and television at Università Cattolica in Milan, and since 2008 he has been scientific director of CERTAIN – the Centre for Research on Television and Audiovisuals. Since 1990 he has been television critic and columnist for Il Corriere della Sera. His publications include: Storia della televisione italiana, 1992; Prima lezione sulla televisione, 2011; Storie e culture della televisione italiana (ed. ), 2013.

Vincenzo Trione teaches Contemporary Art History and Art and New Media at the IULM University in Milan. He works with Il Corriere della Sera and has curated numerous contemporary art exhibitions in Italy and abroad. His books include: Il poeta e le arti. Apollinaire e il tempo delle avanguardie, 1999; Dentro le cose. Ardengo Soffici critico d’arte, 2001; Atlanti metafisici. Giorgio de Chirico: arte, architettura, città, 2005; Le città del silenzio. Giorgio de Chirico: arte, architettura, profezia, 2009.


Aldo Grasso e Vincenzo Trione


prima parte – Intermedialità: tra arte e televisione

La strategia dell’assimilazione. Televisione contro arte - Vincenzo Trione

L’arte in quiz - Martina Corgnati, Giuliana Caterina Galvagno

Arte e tv: un gioco a due - Mario Abis


seconda parte – Momenti di una storia

Piccolo schermo e arte, tra divulgazione e good story - Aldo Grasso

L’ossimoro perfetto. I destini dell’arte nella tv commerciale italiana - Massimo Scaglioni

Art entertainment e oltre. Nuovi linguaggi e problemi dell’arte nella tv digitale - Cecilia Penati


terza parte – Figure di una storia

Critici d’arte in tv. Origine, ricerca e divulgazione di nuovi linguaggi - Tommaso Casini

Dentro l’immagine. Come si guarda un quadro in televisione - Anna Luigia De Simone


quarta parte – Artisti in scena

Il critico d’arte dentro il tubo catodico. Fenomenologia e costruzione di una neoicona pop - Massimiliano Panarari

Lo sguardo della critica. Il documentario d’arte nella televisione italiana - Veronica Gaia di Orio

Gli artisti e la televisione. Una “relazione pericolosa” - Rachele Ferrario



Teleschermi d’arte. Per una storia dei programmi sull’arte nella tv italiana - Cecilia Penati




Teleschermi d’arte – Infografiche


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