Not only Non-Fiction
  • Marco Meneguzzo
    Il capitale ignorante
    Lack of culture, financial resources and globalization are rapidly driving the languages of art into a cul-de-sac. The definitive decline of the avant-garde movements and the erosi...
  • Georgina Adam
    Dark Side of the Boom
    Since 2005, the proceeds from sales in the art market have almost doubled, surpassing 60 billion dollars yearly. Art fairs and events have proliferated like mushrooms; auctions rea...
  • Angelo Crespi
    Costruito da dio
    Contemporary churches often resemble industrial buildings, swimming pools, bars or garages. They rarely have a façade and bell towers are just a fleeting memory. Their inter...
  • Claire Bishop
    Museologia radicale
    The future of the public museum has never seemed more at risk: rather than representing the diverse interests of society as a whole, in most cases it has been reduced to a vehicle ...
  • David Balzer
    Curatori d’assalto
    From image makers to playlists, from gourmet menus to singing festivals and even VIP weddings, nowadays everything is “curated by”, and “curate”, “cur...
  • Angelo Crespi
    Ars Attack
    Dirty socks, inflatable balloons, sharks in formaldehyde, stuffed donkeys, stones scattered on the ground and a great deal of pornography and coprophilia. Desecration, nonsense and...