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Frammenti di vita etrusca

Pitture tarquinesi da una collezione privata

Over the centuries, Italy’s historic-artistic heritage has been pilfered of numerous works in a wide variety of genres, giving rise to a flourishing, often illegal market in ancient art. Fortunately, portions of this inheritance have occasionally been brought home through official channels, restoring missing pieces of an immense legacy.
This volume focuses on seven Etruscan fresco fragments that today are part of the Lucio and Giovanna Rovati collection, analysing and positioning them within the vast artistic production of Etruria.
Silvia Menichelli, a curator, archaeologist and researcher, provides background information on the place of these fragments within Etruscan society and art, and especially painting, the technique that, more than any other, has given us an idea of the history of the Etruscan people. Analysing documents, drawings and watercolour reproductions of ancient works, plus excavation reports, Dr. Menichelli draws parallels to known tomb paintings, determining the historical context of the seven frescos (late-archaic age, datable to approximately 500 BC) and interpreting their iconography, while also pointing to their possible place of origin.
The volume includes a preface by Prof. Stephan Steingräber.


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Prefazione  –  Stephan Steingräber

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La pittura etrusca

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Frammenti di vita etrusca

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