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La Mamma

Una mostra di Harald Szeemann mai realizzata

This short essay, based on archive documents, interviews and unpublished notes from the Szeemann archives in Locarno, analyses a series of exhibitions conceived by the Swiss curator Harald Szeemann in the 1970s and never staged. "La mamma", which is one of a series of three exhibitions (“Le macchine celibi”, “La mamma” and “Il sole”) was to be an interdisciplinary analysis of the family ideals that permeate our culture. For the innovative curator, remembered above all for the seminal exhibition "When Attitudes Become Form", it marked a withdrawal to a private, intimate sphere after a period marked by very violent professional clashes.  Rich in reflections drawn from various disciplines such as history of religion, visual arts, theosophy and feminism, “La Mamma” would have been a show without art, dedicated to a study of the female universe, the evolution of the mother figure, and the idea of female deity in general.

Written by
Collection il punto
Publisher Johan & Levi
Size cm 12 x 18
Pages 64
Volume 10 b/w
Published on 2014
ISBN 9788860101211


Indice testuale


“Le macchine celibi” (1975)
“La Mamma”
“Monte Verità” (1978) e “Der Hang zum Gesamtkunstwerk” (1983)
Amicizia, amore, sessualità: un progetto per Hannover 2000


La Mamma

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