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David Levi Strauss

Perché crediamo alle immagini fotografiche

  • ISBN: 9788860102997
  • Anno: 2021
  • Pagine: 88
  • Formato: 12 x 18 cm
  • Lingua: Italian
  • Prezzo: 10,00 €

In this lucid and concise essay, David Levi Strauss explores the relation between truth and photography. Based on the assumption that we only need to see in order to believe, Levi Strauss examines the figure of Saint Thomas in the Gospels, investigates the relation between faith and the Holy Shroud – considered by some scholars as the first proto-photographic image in history –, and discusses the contributions to the subject by critics and philosophers such as Walter Benjamin, John Berger and Roland Barthes.

A relevant portion of the book is dedicated to the writings of Vilém Flusser and to his “technical images” and to the intersection of magic and technology, while the last chapter is a reflection on contemporary times: in a world inhabited by deepfake, how has the relation between faith and photography evolved? Can we still believe images?


Translated by Federico Florian.

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David Levi Strauss, poet, critic, and scholar, is considered “photography’s troubled conscience”. His interests span from the intersections between politics and aesthetics, with particular focus on the photographic medium. A number of his contributions have been published in magazines such as Aperture, Artforum, The Nation and Cabinet. In 2003 he received the Guggenheim Fellowship and in 2007 the International Centre of Photography presented him with the Infinity Award for writing. He is currently head of the Art Writing Department of the School of Visual Arts of New York. He is the author of several titles including Between the Eyes: Essays on Photography (2003) and Co-Illusion. Dispatches from the End of Communication (2020).

Capitolo 1
Vedere per credere - Beati quelli che non hanno visto - L’immagine di Dio - La prima fotografia 

Capitolo 2
Credere alle immagini fotografiche secondo Benjamin - Credere alle immagini fotografiche secondo Berger - Credere alle immagini fotografiche secondo Barthes - Analogie - Al di là dell’indice 

Capitolo 3
Credere alle immagini secondo Flusser - Al di là della fede 

Capitolo 4
Tre fonti diverse 

Capitolo 5
Senza avvenire: è possibile credere alla realtà postfotografica?

Piccola antologia di citazioni
(Omaggio a Walter Benjamin e Susan Sontag)