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About us

Founded by Giovanna Forlanelli Rovati in 2005, Johan & Levi is a publishing house specialised in unpublished texts, first translations, and out-of-print books about the lives of the most renowned modern and contemporary artists. We explore both old and uncharted territories in the history of art and ideas, reaching to archaeology and antiquities, with a special focus on the Etruscan world. To our well-known series of biographies and non-fiction, we have recently added the Cahiers series, the Atti series and a brand-new series of essays published in collaboration with Fondazione Luigi Rovati. Our catalogue includes photography books and illustrated books, but also a series of short pocket-books called il punto.

Giovanna Forlanelli Rovati

Micaela Acquistapace

Editorial Director
Margherita Alverà

Production Manager
Raffaela Seveso

Giulia Bilancetti

Editorial Secretary
Rossella Crippa

Eleonora Salvi

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