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Alvar Aalto

A giant of design and architecture, the unparalleled creator of the Paimio sanatorium, the Savoy vase, and the designer par excellence of the curve, Alvar Aalto (1898-1976) is a national monument for Finland, the equivalent of Picasso for Spain and Joyce for Ireland.
An architect of perception, emotion and inspiration, Aalto championed the spontaneity of energy flows and placed nature at the centre of his reflections. An introductory essay and an unpublished text by the architect himself retrace his human and professional stages: his first approach to drawing under his father's project table; his studies in Helsinki; his imagination influenced by national romanticism as well as by Finnish and Italian nature; his adhesion to functionalism and his final landing place in organic architecture. A path travelled together with his life and work companions, Aino and Elissa.
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Collection La biblioteca dell'amatore
Publisher Johan & Levi
Size 14 x 19 cm
Pages 168 pages
Illustrations 78 color images
Published on 04/2024
ISBN 9788860103581


Alvar Aalto

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