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Contemporary Brera - Fabro Garutti Kounellis Paolini - OUT OF PRINT

Fabro Garutti Kounellis Paolini

Art is always contemporary. From this principle and the renewed collaboration between the Pinacoteca and the Accademia di Belle Arti springs the exhibition Contemporary Brera. Fabro Garutti Kounellis Paolini, a tribute to four great artists whose names are variously associated with Brera. The exhibition promotes the active presence of Contemporary Art in a historic museum such as the Pinacoteca, in keeping with the well-established role of the Palazzo di Brera as a laboratory for innovation. At the same time, it updates the revolutionary message of Processo per il museo, organized by Franco Russoli in the short-lived 1970s season of his career, encouraging visitors to experience the palace as a dynamic space in which the arts undergo a constant rebirth.

On display are Luciano Fabro’s Groma per Spinoza, Io (L’Uovo) and Modo di mettere le lenzuola, and new installations have been especially designed by Alberto Garutti, Jannis Kounellis and Giulio Paolini for the rooms of the Pinacoteca, from the spacious Napoleonic halls to the chapel of St. Joseph – where they stand in direct and ‘simultaneous’ contact with the masterpieces by Raffaello, Bernardino Luini and Bramantino. This juxtaposition of works from different periods confirms and renews the ultimate significance of exhibiting art, as well as the role that the Palazzo di Brera is seeking to reclaim: that of a venue for observation, discovery and personal, inner research, always open to the contemporary.

Edited by
Collection Illustrati
Publisher Johan & Levi
Size 24 x 22.5
Pages 264
Volume 90 b/w and colour
Published on 2015
ISBN 9788860101693


Indice testuale

Processo per il museo - Artisti contemporanei a Brera
Processo per il museo - Contemporary Artists in Brera
Sandrina Bandera

La cesura dell’immagine e la singolarità dello spazio espositivo
The Caesura of the Image and the Singularity of the Exhibition Space
Federico Ferrari

Brera in contemporaneo Fabro Garutti Kounellis Paolini
Contemporary Brera Fabro Garutti Kounellis Paolini
Giovanni Iovane

Groma per Spinoza
Raffaella Pulejo, Giovanni Iovane

Lezioni / Lessons
Luciano Fabro

Io (L’Uovo)
Io (L’Uovo) / I (The Egg)
Luciano Fabro

Appunti per una teoria / Notes for a Theory
Alberto Garutti

Geografia dei musei Jannis Kounellis
The Geography of Museums Jannis Kounellis
Giovanni Iovane


Museo / Museum
Giulio Paolini

brera in contemporaneo / contemporary brera

Contemporary Brera - Fabro Garutti Kounellis Paolini - OUT OF PRINT

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