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Effetto terra

Environmental emergencies, genetics, biodiversity and artificial nature: these themes are increasingly addressed and developed by artists in works that alternate investigation, protest, planning and utopia. Different issues and approaches with a common origin: the conviction that no aesthetic appraisal can be divorced from ethical responsibility with respect to scientific and technological research and knowledge of its effects on the natural and behavioural landscape that surrounds us. The scientific analysis of nature has enabled artists to enter into the dynamics of the environment we inhabit, make it their own and attain a position of greater awareness, abandoning the contemplation of nature that distinguished artistic production up to and indeed beyond the end of the 19th century. With the effectiveness and concision of contemporary visual language, artists today not only interpret problems that affect many but also tangibly present intangible scenarios otherwise known only to specialists.

The book unfolds like an exhibition made up of a series of thematic stages, visual chapters that use a broad selection of images to combine investigation of the present and prefiguration of the future. Every chapter is enriched with a short anthology of first-hand evidence and writings by key figures juxtaposed with the views of scientists, writers, ethologists and art historians.

Edited by
Collection Parole e immagini
Publisher Johan & Levi
Size cm 16.5 x 24
Pages 192 pages
Illustrations 113 images b/w e colore
Published on 05/2010
ISBN 9788860100511


Indice testuale

L'intelligenza della natura — Maria Perosino

Della scienza — Vilém Flusser

1. Evoluzione Le immagini nell'evoluzione culturale — Luigi Luca Cavalli Sforza

Musei di Storia Naturale

Dominique Laugé / Museo di Storia Naturale di Parigi / Karl Blossfeldt

Musei di Storia Innaturale

Joan Fontcuberta / Dario Ghibaudo / Gabriele Porta / Michele Dantini / Saverio Todaro / Claudia Losi

Animali che dipingono

Animali pittori — Danilo Mainardi


Scimmie artiste — Desmond Morris


Genetica contemporanea

Attraverso pelle, carne e ossa: arte, visualizzazione e genetica — Marina Wallace

Annie Cattrell / Chris Drury / Andrew Carnie / Saverio Todaro / Ellen K. Levy

2. Atlante contemporaneo

Coscienza, etica e ambiente — Paul R. Ehrlich

La reinvenzione della natura: Biologia e artificio

Joan Fontcuberta / Carla Mattii / Takashi Amano / Maria Grazia Rosin / Johan Maeda

Olio Contemporaneo — Antonio Pascale

Paesaggi in via di estinzione

Katinka Matson / Debora Ligorio / Tomas Saraceno / Claudia Losi

Etica ed estetica

L'occhio nel ciclone — Bartolomeo Pietromarchi

Peter Greenaway e Saskia Boddeke

Armin Linke / Lucy e Jorge Orta

Emergenza Clima

Burning Ice — David Buckland

David Buckland / Antony Gormley / Lucy e Jorge Orta

Affrontare i mutamenti climatici — Hans J. Schellnhuber

Effetto terra

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