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Isamu Noguchi

Sculptor, designer, scenographer, architect, landscape architect, Isamu Noguchi (1904-1988) was a complete artist who intimately linked his art to his life, in all its aspects. Dividing his time between the United States and Japan - his two homelands -, between abstraction and figuration, modernity and tradition, art and design, he worked without ever caring about borders. A leading artist on the post-war international scene, he is best known for his Akari lamps, a brilliant reinterpretation of the Japanese lantern, to which he dedicated a piece of writing - reproduced here - that has all the air of a love letter to the ancient art of Gifu.
If his sculptural works now belong to the collections of the world's greatest museums, they also occupy the public space of the cities where they become, for many, terrain for play, meditation, contemplation, in any case, for life.
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Collection La biblioteca dell'amatore
Publisher Johan & Levi
Size 14 x 19 cm
Pages 168 images
Illustrations 78 color images
Published on 04/2024
ISBN 9788860103574


Isamu Noguchi

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