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Roma interrotta

Twelve Interventions on the Nolli's Plan of Rome

In his 'Nuova Pianta di Roma' dated 1748, Giovanni Battista Nolli presented for the first time the Eternal City as a complete organism: divided into twelve tables, the plan reproduces all mechanisms of Rome, showing the external and internal 'spaces' created by removing the solid mass of built-up areas.

Almost two hundred fifty years later, in 1978, the project Roma interrotta was concieved by Piero Sartogo and realized and promoted by Incontri Internazionali d'Arte to show how every town planning impulse in Rome was blocked, the 'Pianta' by G.B. Nolli being proof of an interruption that was both culturally and politically motivated. Twelve leading international architects were invited to reflect on the possibility of something grand and lasting that would give an effective modernity and topicality to the Eternal City; a proposal to cancel centuries of inertia and property speculation and restart from the Nolli's plan as the 'last document of coherent urban design'.

The historical value of this project, which went on to be featured in prestigious world venues, was restated in 2008 by Aaron Betsky, director of the 11th International Architecture Exhibition, who exhibited Roma interrotta at the Artiglierie dell'Arsenale in Venice.

In 2013 the original works produced for Roma interrotta, representing an outstanding testament to twentieth-century architectural culture, joined the collections of MAXXI Architettura and are now presented to the public and academics.

Topic Architecture
Collection Illustrati
Publisher Johan & Levi
Size cm 24 x 29
Language English
Pages 240 pages
Illustrations 300 b/w and colour
Published on 05/2014
ISBN 9788860100474


Indice testuale

History of the Project - Graziella Lonardi
Urban Visions. Roma interrotta in the MAXXI Architettura Collections - Margherita Guccione
The Incontri Internazionali d'Arte for Roma interrotta - Gabriella Buontempo
The Project - Piero Sartogo

Roma interrotta 1978
Foreword- Giulio Carlo Argan
The genius loci of Rome - Christian Norberg-Schulz

Interventions by
Piero Sartogo
Costantion Dardi
Antoine Grumbach
James Stirling
Paolo Portoghesi
Romaldo Giurgola
Robert Venturi
Colin Rowe
Michael Graves
Robert Krier
Aldo Rossi
Leon Krier

Exhibition at the Trajan's Markets, Rome

Roma interrotta 2008 - 11th International Architecture Exhibition, Venice
Rome Re-Interrupted: towards a Critical Arcaeology - Aaron Betsky

A Travelling Exhibition - Edited by Alessandro Camiz
Bibliography - Edited by Alessandro Camiz
Roma interrotta in the MAXXI Architettura Collections - Edited by Esmeraldo Valente an Carolina Italiano

Roma interrotta

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