Vulci. Goods for Mankind. Goods for Gods - autori-vari - Fondazione Luigi Rovati - Libro Johan & Levi Editore
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Vulci. Goods for Mankind. Goods for Gods

The exhibition “Vulci. Goods for mankind. Goods for gods” (20 March - 4 August 2024) hosted at the Fondazione Luigi Rovati inaugurates the cycle “Etruscan Metropolises”, a project for a series of exhibitions dedicated to some important Etruscan cities considered not only as urban and architectural realities, but also as places of historical complexity. The project stems from the Fondazione Luigi Rovati’s aim of arousing and rooting interest in the Etruscans among the public.
The Etruscans are a people closely linked to the phenomenon of the city, they are the ones who invented it and the ones who spread it throughout their territory. The choice of the cities that will be presented through the “Etruscan Metropolises” cycle will be illustrative of the urban phenomenon and its historical and territorial variables but also of certain specific themes, since each exhibition will highlight the most representative and identity-related elements of each city.
The first city presented is Vulci, one of the most dynamic in Etruria, the site of important manufacturing activities and a strategic junction in the Mediterranean trade routes. A city that stands out for the production of ceramics and bronze, as well as for their wide commercial distribution to Italy and in the Mediterranean.
The catalogue traces the exhibition path, presenting the works in the following sections: simulacra of immortality; immigrant craftsmen, local craftsmen; the liminal landscape; from Athens to Vulci: travelling images; bronzes for war, bronzes for peace; clay devotion. The volume closes with in-depth texts on the history of the excavations conducted at Vulci and in its territory that present some unpublished findings and innovative methods of approaching archaeology. All this is enriched by the artworks of Giuseppe Penone, which express the contemporary nature of the hand gesture that becomes a vase, and from the Etruscans comes to present days. With texts by: Giuseppe Sassatelli, Mario Abis, Alessandro Conti, Sara De Angelis, Carlo Regoli, Chiara Pizzirani, Maurizio Sannibale, Laura Maria Michetti, Christian Mazet, Simona Carosi, Maurizio Forte, Carlo Casi and Giuliano Sergio.
Topic Archeology
Collection Cataloghi
Publisher Fondazione Luigi Rovati
Size 20x26 cm
Language English
Pages 288 pages
Illustrations 200 colour images
Published on 05/2024
ISBN 9788831338233


Vulci. Goods for Mankind. Goods for Gods

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