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L'insieme vuoto

Per una pragmatica dell'immagine

What is an image and why have images become so important in our daily lives? And what does the gaze mean? Federico Ferrari reflects on our society of images and the cadenced relationship between words and pictures, a relationship that forges our horizon. He focuses on the use made of images and the world they create, and how the gaze refracts: a single vision of the world, a single measure is impossible.

The contemporary image calls for a new definition of the gaze, which springs from the unique nature of each vision and is also capable of embracing its plurality. As the number of possible visions is by definition infinite, what really counts is what underpins them and is therefore common to them all. To borrow the terms of set theory, it is an empty set that appears null but also contains something: our gaze. The force that precedes us and is remains open, capable of going beyond all possible visions, all given images. The empty set of the gaze and the power of vision.


Indice testuale



Homo figurans o il cane alla finestra

L’insieme vuoto

Dell’essenza dell’immagine


Vedere non è leggere

La configurazione o della parola critica

L’immaginazione creatrice o della parola poetica

Giustizia dell’immagine

La nuda realtà

Il forsennato

Kleine Form

Il ritmo sovrano della visione

Una gaia serietà o della rivoluzione


L'insieme vuoto

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