In volo sull'isola Bisentina - Francesco Barberini - Isola Bisentina - Libro Johan & Levi Editore
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In volo sull'isola Bisentina

The Bisentina Island, pearl of Lake Bolsena, is renowned for the mildness of its climate and the extraordinary quantity and particularity of the tree and animal species it hosts. Long uninhabited, it preserves traces of human activity that has preserved its environmental characteristics, making it a unique ecosystem for the growth of centuries-old plants and the development of a rich avifauna. Francesco Barberini, an aspiring ornithologist and young Ensign of the Republic, visited the island periodically over the course of an entire year to survey and census the great variety of birds present.
From this monitoring, he was able to observe how this place, an important stopover along the migratory routes, is rich in different species in terms of habits and behaviour, from the small florin to the imposing cormorants. The story of this adventure is a guidebook enriched by the plates of Marco Preziosi, a well-known naturalist illustrator, depicting the twelve main species of birds that inhabit the island.
Written by
Illustrazioni di
Publisher Isola Bisentina
Size 15 x 21 cm
Pages 128 pages
Illustrations 18 images and 16 colour illustrations
Published on 2024
ISBN 9788860103604


In volo sull'isola Bisentina

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