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Duty Free Art

L'arte nell'epoca della guerra civile planetaria

Gigantic secret museums crop up nowadays in no-man’s-lands that circumvent national sovereignties and are closed to the public. They are duty-free storage facilities where works of art – albeit sealed in their packing cases – are used as alternative currency for the circulation of assets worth billions from one end of the world to the other: a borderless art trapped in permanent transit zones; an art exempt from tax but not from the requirement to be a resource, or a front.
Is it still possible to produce and even appreciate art in a time such as ours, ravaged by permanent civil wars and hostage to multinationals ready to capitalize on perpetual reconstruction, perhaps even embellishing such projects with an avant-garde museum designed by a starchitect? What value do art institutions have today if their principal purpose is to embellish the public image of this or that regime? Is it still possible to give back to art its autonomy?
Steyerl trawls through archives of Wikileaks and fake news, the dark web and online dating scams, to identify with divinatory precision a strategy of counter-attack and resistance. With razor-sharp writing she reconstructs the elements of an art capable of becoming an insurrectionary practice, free of any imperative to be exhibited, to represent, educate, embody values or serve a cause or master. A duty-free art to eschew the temptation to be dragged into the abyss, surrounded by the white noise of contemporaneity.

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Topic Personalities
Collection Saggi d'arte
Publisher Johan & Levi
Size 15,5 x 23 cm
Pages 212 pages
Illustrations 37 images b/w
Published on 11/2018
ISBN 9788860102140


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1. Un carrarmato sul piedistallo 
2. Come uccidere la gente. Un problema di design 
3. Il panico del Dasein totale: economie della presenza nel mondo dell’arte 
4. Proxy politics: segnale e rumore 
5. Un mare di dati: apofenia e (non) riconoscimento di pattern 
6. Medya: l’autonomia delle immagini 
7. Duty Free Art 
8. Detriti digitali 
9. Si chiamava Esperanza 
10. International Disco Latin 
11. Internet è morta? 
12. Perché i giochi? Ovvero, gli artisti sono in grado di pensare? 
13. Parliamo di fascismo 
14. Se non avete pane, mangiatevi l’arte! L’arte contemporanea e i fascismi derivati 
15. Strappare la realtà: punti ciechi e dati danneggiati in 3D 

Duty Free Art

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