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La storia dell'Impressionismo

When the first edition appeared in 1946, The History of Impressionism was immediately celebrated for the extraordinary simplicity of its layout, its use of primary sources and, by drilling down to the smallest detail, its ability to reconstruct the events that culminated in the first Impressionist exhibition of 1874. Covering a total timespan of some thirty years, from 1855 to 1886, the volume chronicles a strenuous battle made up of triumphs and defeats, integrity and perseverance, in the slow and contorted process of knocking down the wall of dissenting critics and bourgeois prejudices. The revolt’s leaders were Monet, Bazille, Manet, Degas, Pissarro, Sisley, Gauguin, Morisot, Redon, Seurat and Signac, who, devoted to painting en plein air and impatient with traditional forms of representation, created canvases that were held up to public contempt, and then turned a journalist’s derisory epithet – “painters of impression” – into their banner.

In this astute blend of scientific rigour and public accessibility, John Rewald gracefully offers critical insight without ever ceding to the pitfalls of technical jargon. The result is a narrative that exerts a strong grip on the reader. This book is the most accurate account of a key period in art history, evoking the climate, aromas, friendships and nuances of the various personalities by reconstructing the artists’ dialogues and daily lives. The wealth of quotations Rewald amassed from surviving witnesses is of vital importance, gathered in the knowledge that this would be the last chance to fix them in time.

The author continued to enrich his seminal text of research into Impressionism over the years until 1973. It is that version that we republish here, with a new colour image layout that pays homage to these artists whose work was, above all, a revolution in light and colour.

Foreword by Flaminio Gualdoni

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Topics Critics
Collection Parole e immagini
Publisher Johan & Levi
Size 16,5 x 24 cm
Pages 606 pages
Illustrations 356 colour images
Published on 11/2019
ISBN 9788860102270


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Prefazione - Flaminio Gualdoni


I. 1855-1859

L’Esposizione universale di Parigi, 1855 - Panorama dell’arte francese

II. 1859-1861

Monet e Boudin - Manet e Degas - L’Académie Suisse - L’atelier di Courbet

III. 1862-1863

Lo studio di Gleyre - Il Salon des Refusés e la riorganizzazione dell’École des Beaux-Arts

IV. 1864-1866

Barbizon e i suoi pittori - Altri Salon - Successi e delusioni

V. 1866-1868

Zola critico d’arte - Un’altra Esposizione universale - Progetti per un’esposizione collettiva - Nuove difficoltà per Monet

VI. 1869-1870

Il Café Guerbois - Stampe giapponesi - “La Grenouillère”

VII. 1870-1871

Il Salon del 1870 - La guerra franco-prussiana e la Comune – Monet e Pissarro a Londra

VIII. 1872-1873

Gli anni del dopoguerra - Auvers-sur-Oise - Un altro Salon des Refusés

IX. 1873-1874

La prima mostra collettiva (1874) - L’origine della parola “Impressionismo”

X. 1874-1877

Argenteuil - Caillebotte e Chocquet - Vendite all’asta e altre esposizioni - Primi echi all’estero - Il pamphlet di Duranty, La Nouvelle peinture

XI. 1877-1879

Il Café de la Nouvelle Athènes - Renoir, Sisley e Monet al Salon - Un nuovo critico d’arte: Huysmans –  Discordie violente

XII. 1880-1883

Altre esposizioni e contrasti di idee - Morte di Manet

XIII. 1883-1885

Insoddisfazione e dubbi - Gauguin a Copenaghen - Redon – Seurat e Signac - La Société des Indépendants

XIV. 1886

Ottava e ultima mostra impressionista - Primo successo di Durand-Ruel in America - Gauguin e van Gogh

XV. Gli anni dopo il 1886

La storia dell'Impressionismo

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