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Ettore Sottsass

Spring always comes round again, doesn't it?

Happiness and melancholia were the two extremes that marked the life and artistic career of Ettore Sottsass: happiness at having experienced the lost but ever-present paradise of childhood; sorrow at not being able to return there, not being able to stop time. The organisational psychologist and photographer Giuseppe Varchetta started photographing Ettore Sottsass in 1978, when the designer was already sixty, and continued to do so for the rest of his life. In this discreet, attentive, at times intimate account, Varchetta examines his friend’s face and follows his gradual changes, capturing all the nuances of that mournful expression, and, beyond the sadness, a smile that was an explosion of empathy.

Written by

Topic Personalities
Collection Illustrati
Publisher Johan & Levi
Size cm 24 x 29
Pages 120 pages
Illustrations 69 images b/w
Published on 11/2013
ISBN 9788860101068


Indice testuale

Marco Belpoliti
Per felicità / Out of Happiness

Giuseppe Varchetta
Ritratti / Portraits

Hans Ulrich Obrist
Intervista a Sottsass / Interview to Sottsass

Michele De Lucchi
Caro Ettore / Dear Ettore

Nota dell’autore / Author’s Note

Ringraziamenti / Acknowledgements

Ettore Sottsass

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