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Fantastiche presenze

Note su estetica, arte contemporanea e realtà aumentata

Augmented reality populates the everyday context with digital and interactive objects, allowing concrete transformations on the environment by means of an intelligent and responsive image. From a mere object of contemplation, the image thus becomes a body, synthetic yet sensitive, capable of involving, sometimes of enchanting and frightening, the interlocutor. It is on this type of entity, ghostly yet real, that Sofia Pirandello's essay focuses, analysing the possibilities that this technology opens up for artistic practice.
Beyond the easy observation that every invention entails astonishing achievements and great sacrifices, it is nevertheless impossible to ignore the criticalities that augmented reality brings with it, starting with the acquisition of an enormous amount of data on users, their preferences and movements, which opens up a whole series of questions in terms of social justice, privacy and security due to the use of this technology, even in the artistic sphere.

Written by
Collection il punto
Publisher Johan & Levi
Size 12x18 cm
Pages 112 pages
Illustrations 13 b/w
Published on 06/2023
ISBN 9788860103321


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Fantastiche presenze

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