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Gente di Milano

It was in the 1970s that the Argentinean video maker David Lamelas began producing specific works based on long periods of residence in various European cities.

This book is devoted to the “People of Milan” project undertaken in 1970 specifically for a solo show at the Galleria Françoise Lambert in Milan. The continuous flow of a four-minute film minutely documenting the passersby and events on the busy high street of Via Orefici is juxtaposed with eleven photographs, taken at regular intervals over the same period of time.

The publication, of a markedly artistic character, presents the famous artist’s “Milanese period” through a combination of images from the video and observations by Lamelas on his Italian experience.

Written by
Collection il punto
Publisher Johan & Levi
Size cm 12 x 18
Pages 72
Illustrations 23 images b/w
Published on 2014
ISBN 9788860101105


Indice testuale

Gente di Milano. Il tempo fotografico
David Lamelas


David Lamelas
Vincenzo de Bellis


Gente di Milano. Il tempo filmico
Davis Lamelas

Gente di Milano

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