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Scienza delle immagini

Iconologia, cultura visuale ed estetica dei media

While the advent of the digital era and the rapid evolution of technology have led to major change in the coordinates of the visible world and the relationship between word and image, experience and representation, new research methods have become necessary to explore the reasons behind the increasingly extensive production and circulation of images. One of the founding fathers of this vast field of study that has established itself on an international level as visual culture, W.J.T. Mitchel has contributed to the great turnaround in theoretical interest in the “society of the spectacle” and, coining the expression “pictorial turn”, has promoted a philosophical approach since the 1990s that attributes images with the same value of interpreting reality as that attributed to language.

Here the reader will find a collection of sixteen of his most recent essays, ranging from media aesthetics to semiotics, in which the author examines the cultural dimension of images and the places and ways in which they manifest themselves, drawing upon ideas and terms that have now earned their place in the critical vocabulary. With the successful distinction between “image” and “picture”, where “image” means the mental representation or pure form of figures, clearly distinguished from the “picture” through which it is revealed, that is to say a material object that can be burned, broken or ripped, such as a painting or sculpture.

Rich in incursions into the history of art, cinema and photography, but also into politics and biocybernetics, this volume lays the foundations for a “science of images” in which the visual becomes a fundamental link between humanistic research and empirical sciences.


Indice testuale

Prefazione. Figure e sfondi

Parte prima - Figure

1. Una storia dell’arte di confine. Iconologia, media e cultura visuale

2. Quattro concetti fondamentali della scienza delle immagini

3. Scienza delle immagini

4. Immagine x Testo

5. Realismo e immagine digitale

6. Immagini in migrazione. Totemismo, feticismo, idolatria

7. Il futuro dell’immagine. La strada che Rancière non ha preso

8. Rappresentazioni del mondo. Globalizzazione e cultura visuale

Parte seconda - Sfondi

9. Estetica dei media

10. Non esistono media visivi

11. Ripartire da zero. Architettura, scultura e immagine digitale

12. Luoghi fondativi e spazi occupati

13. Guerre di confine. Traduzione e convergenza nella politica e nei media

14. Arte x Ambiente. Paesaggi estremi, Poussin a Gaza

15. Il perturbante storico. Fantasmi, doppi e ripetizione nella guerra al terrore

16. Lo spettacolo oggi. Replica a Retort

Coda. Per una scienza dolce delle immagini

Scienza delle immagini

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