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Gian Francesco Gamurrini

Johan & Levi
Gian Francesco Gamurrini (Monte San Savino 1835–Arezzo 1923) was an eminent scholar (archaeologist, numismatist, bibliophile, librarian) who left his mark on the history of Arezzo’s cultural institutions. The Fondo Gamurrini is one of the gems of the Biblioteca della Fraternita dei Laici: a collection of archaeological and other works, rich in titles that show he was academic with varied and multifaceted interests that went far beyond his specialization.

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Gian Francesco Gamurrini

pages: 128 pagine

Gian Francesco Gamurrini’s Autobiografia – written at the age of 86 – traces key moments in an entire life dedicated to archaeology and to protecting the cultural  heritage of the Arezzo area from plundering by speculators and art dealers, especially after the suppression of ecclesiastical bodies. This was a threat to be avoided at all costs

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