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Giulio Paolini

Johan & Levi
One of the leading artists of our time, started out in 1960. Since his first solo show in 1964, he has exhibited work in numerous international galleries and museums. His art focuses on themes that probe the conception, manifestation and vision of the artwork. After the initial investigations of the constituent elements of the painting, his attention shifted to the act of exhibition, a view of the work as a catalogue of its possibilities and the figure of the author and his or her detachment from the work as something pre-existent and transcendent. Trained as a graphic designer, he has always had a particular interest in the publishing field and the printed page. His art has been accompanied from the outset by written reflections in books of his own creation, including Idem (Einaudi, Turin 1975), Suspense. Breve storia del vuoto in tredici stanze (Hopefulmonster, Florence 1988), La verità in quattro righe e novantacinque voci (Einaudi, Turin 1996), Quattro passi. Nel museo senza muse (Einaudi, Turin 2006) and Dall’Atlante al Vuoto in ordine alfabetico (Electa, Milan 2010).

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