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Serena Cangiano

Johan & Levi
Specialized in technology and communication for cultural heritage at the Università della Svizzera italiana, she has contributed to documentation projects, interactive art archives and user experience design. She is a researcher at SUPSI in Lugano, where she coordinates the Master of Advanced Studies in Interaction Design and the Summer workshops, a series of courses aimed at teaching the fundamentals of software and hardware programming through design and prototyping activities. She holds a PhD from University IUAV in Venice with a thesis on open source design and development of interactive artefacts. She authored articles and essays for Italian and international magazines and publications on open source technologies and design, new practices and models in design, and training in the field of interaction design.  

Author's books

Arte ri-programmata

Un manifesto aperto

pages: 190 pages

Re-programmed Art: An Open Manifesto is an action research project that explored the impact of methods and approaches linked to open source hardware and software on the field of art. The aim was to produce a number of physical and technological artefacts whose information and implementation specifications are publicly released under free licenses.T

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