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Arte ri-programmata

Un manifesto aperto

Re-programmed Art: An Open Manifesto is an action research project that explored the impact of methods and approaches linked to open source hardware and software on the field of art. The aim was to produce a number of physical and technological artefacts whose information and implementation specifications are publicly released under free licenses.
The group of digital artists and designers involved in the project had the task of re-programming a number of works by Gruppo T, the pioneering group at the forefront of the Italian art movement known as Arte Programmata. In the late 1950s and early 1960s, these artists developed a ground-breaking vision of art as reproducible, participatory and interactive, and created prototypes based on the use of algorithms and technology which were designed to be reproduced as series of constantly changing artefacts.
The concept of 're-programming' is about more than just reconstructing the original works, understanding what they were made of and how they were made, and the algorithms used to incorporate an element of chance. It means bringing them to life again, reworked using new materials and technology. Pieces by Gruppo T were thus transformed into new, open artworks that can be reproduced, expanded on and completed by other users: a vibrant tribute to an original, innovative movement that occupied the no man's land between art and design.

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Collection Illustrati
Publisher Johan & Levi
Size cm 21 x 21
Pages 190 pages
Illustrations 74 images b/w e colore
Published on 03/2015
ISBN 9788860101600


Indice testuale

Re-programmed Art: An Open Project
▪ Serena Cangiano, Davide Fornari

Open Sourcing Processes in the Making of Art
▪ Costantino Bongiorno, Zoe Romano

Open Sourcing the Imaginations of Artists,
Designers and Makers
▪ Massimo Banzi

Time Has Caught Up with Gruppo T
▪ Azalea Seratoni

Programming the Work of the Public
▪ Federica Martini

The Rules of the Game
A Conversation with Marco Scotini
▪ Azalea Seratoni

How Programmed Art Was Born
▪ Giovanni Anceschi

Problems in Programmed Art
▪ Davide Boriani

On Plastic Kine-visual Research 1964-1965
▪ Gianni Colombo

On the Miriorama Hypotheses
▪ Gabriele Devecchi

Notes with Highlighter
▪ Grazia Varisco

Multiplied Art Returns to the Future
▪ Azalea Seratoni

They Gave Me a Piece of Iron and Taught Me to File
A Conversation with Alberto Alessi
▪ Azalea Seratoni


An Open, Participative Vision of Aesthetic Action
▪ Serena Cangiano, Davide Fornari

Bit Shift Study
▪ Thibault Brevet

Between Time and Space
▪ Martin Fröhlich

Magnetic Drawbot
▪ Giorgio Olivero, Fabio Franchino – TODO

Topografia della luce
▪ Yvonne Weber

▪ Giovanni Anceschi, Serena Cangiano, Davide Fornari


Arte ri-programmata

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