Gli strumenti non esistono - Andrea Branzi, Armin Linke, Alessandro Rabottini - Johan & Levi - Libro Johan & Levi Editore
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Gli strumenti non esistono

La dimensione antropologica del design

This book is in the first in a series produced in partnership with Miart, the Milan art fair that in 2013 launched a new international outlook, opening up to design and architecture.

The book brings together the internationally renowned architect and designer Andrea Branzi, and Alessandro Rabottini, art critic and head curator of the Bergamo Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, who has long been interested in Branzi’s work. The close dialogue between the two has led to the creation of this artist’s book for Miart 2013, which focuses on the designer in particular.


Indice testuale

Alessandro Rabottini

Armin Linke e Andrea Branzi

Gli strumenti non esistono
Dialogo tra Andrea Branzi e Alessandro Rabottini

Gli strumenti non esistono

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