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Il cinema degli architetti

This is a story of conversations that never took place and arrested developments; an adventurous tale, never yet fully told, whose protagonists include Le Corbusier and Walter Gropius, Charles and Ray Eames and Yona Friedman, Bruno Munari and Frank Lloyd Wright, Giancarlo De Carlo and Ludovico Quaroni, Emilio Ambasz and Ettore Sottsass, Gaetano Pesce and Mario Bellini, Michele De Lucchi and Aldo Rossi, Superstudio and Andrea Branzi.  What these diverse players have in common is a deep fascination for film, the medium of the modern age. As the extraordinary art of "seeing space", it is a tool that can be used to explore architecture and describe its principles and volumes from the inside, a device that can be deployed to visualise the contemporary metropolis. Reluctant to embrace the rules of the film industry and grasp the specificity of cinematic language, these architects/directors see the seventh art as a free arena, a terrain to explore without having to pay lip service to customs and rituals, a place for the wildest experiments.
Some elements are recurrent: the urgency of their accounts, their critical approach, their desire to recycle existing materials, their visionary momentum and conceptual attitude. While Le Corbusier and De Carlo used moving pictures to bring theoretical reflections already known to scholars and professionals to an audience of non-specialists, others - like Pesce, De Lucchi, Bellini and Branzi - adopted avant-garde models, rejecting the traditional dictates of discourse and the classic canons of communication. Others, like Acconci and Superstudio, use video to stage absurd, impossible projects.
In this original book edited by Vincenzo Trione we meet many architects for whom the cinema, in the words of Giulio Carlo Argan, is not just a "pure and simple system of knowledge", but a "newly established system of meaning", the "most structuring" of artistic techniques.

Edited by
Topics Architecture
Collection Saggi d'arte
Publisher Johan & Levi
Size cm 15.5 x 23
Pages 270 pages
Illustrations 42 colour images
Published on 10/2014
ISBN 9788860101204


Indice testuale

Il cinema degli architetti: dialoghi mancati by Vincenzo Trione
Repertory: chosen frames

1. Vito Acconci
2. Emilio Ambasz
3. Archigram
4. Giovanni Astengo
5. Mario Bellini
6. Ricardo Levi Bofill
7. Piero Bottoni
8. Andrea Branzi e Archizoom
9. Livio Castiglioni
10. Aldo Cibic
11. Giancarlo De Carlo
12. Michele De Lucchi
13. Edoardo Detti
14. Carlo Doglio
15. Charles and Ray Eames
16. Yona Friedman
17. Walter Gropius
18. Robert Herlth e Walter Röhrig
19. Rem Koolhaas
20. Ugo La Pietra
21. Le Corbusier
22. Angelo Mangiarotti
23. Carlo Mollino
24. Luigi Moretti
25. Multiplicity
26. Bruno Munari
28. Renato Nicolini
29. Roberto Pane
30. Richard Paulick
31. Dominique Perrault
32. Gaetano Pesce
33. Gianni Pettena
34. Piero Portaluppi
35. Paolo Portoghesi
36. Franco Purini
37. Ludovico Quaroni
38. Franco Raggi
39. Walter Reimann
40. Aldo Rossi
41. Ettore Sottsass
42. Albert Speer
43. Stalker/Osservatorio Nomade
44. Nanni Strada
45. Gruppo Strum
46. Superstudio
47. Kenzo Tange
48. Oscar Tusquets Blanca
49. ufo (Unidentified Flying Object)
50. Robert Venturi e Denise Scott Brown
51. Maximilian von Goldbeck e Erich Kotzer
52. Anton Weber
53. Frank Lloyd Wright


Il cinema degli architetti

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