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Pier Paolo Pasolini

Fotografie di Dino Pedriali

The book presents 78 photographs that Pier Paolo Pasolini commissioned Dino Pedriali to take over two sessions of two days each at his two houses in Chia and Sabaudia in the second week of October 1975. According to the photographer, Pasolini intended to use them in his last novel, Petrolio, which was published posthumously. Pedriali was to have met Pasolini to show him the photos on 2 November 1975, the day when the poet’s body was found on the beach at Ostia.

As in a film, the images take us with agonizing intensity into the life of the eclectic intellectual, his moments of work and recreation, writing, correcting and drawing, in his medieval hideaway or wandering through the streets. Some are taken from outside the house, penetrating the intimacy of Pasolini’s room to show him naked in a game of studied surprise and unawareness devised by the photographer and his subject so as to give the impression of “stolen” shots.

Conjuring up the imagery and poetics of Pasolini’s films, these previously unpublished photographs bearing witness to his legacy and the artistic talent of Dino Pedriali thus become part of our shared heritage.

Topic Photography
Collection Fotografia
Publisher Johan & Levi
Size cm 24 x 29
Pages 128 pages
Volume 78 b/w
Published on 03/2011
ISBN 9788860100566


Pier Paolo Pasolini

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