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Edward Hopper

Biografia intima

Solitary figures caught up in silent dramas. Pared down to the bare essentials, the space is real and metaphysical at the same time, bathed in relentless, limpid light. The scene is nearly always deserted and the atmosphere rife with expectancy. Edward Hopper’s human landscapes are as laconic and haunting as his urban or rural landscapes devoid of human presence and sounds.

What man is concealed behind such a piercing vision? In what circumstances were his pictorial dramas generated? A taciturn and introverted artist, Hopper said little about his life. It is largely the diaries and the letters written by his wife Jo during a conjugal symbiosis of over forty years that provide the basis for this monumental biography of one of the great interpreters of the modern American scene, a painter who has left an indelible imprint on posterity both in the visual arts and in cinema. Gail Levin has drawn upon largely unpublished materials to offer a gripping narrative in which the birth of masterpieces alternates with accounts of intimate everyday life lived with Jo in a domestic theatre fraught with attraction and violent conflict, admiration and support, hostility and reconciliation. As the model of his works, intellectual stimulus, an overshadowed artist and his primary champion, Jo Nivison Hopper played a key part in her husband’s success and receives equal prominence in the pages of this book.

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Topic Personalities
Collection Biografie
Publisher Johan & Levi
Size cm 15.5 x 23
Pages 768 pages
Illustrations 214 images b/w e 12 colour
Published on 11/2009
ISBN 9788860100405


Indice testuale

1. Le origini del conflitto: 1882-1899

2. La definizione del talento: 1899-1906

3. La seduzione di Parigi: 1906-1907

4. L’americano ambivalente: 1907-1910

5. Alla ricerca di uno stile: 1911-1915

6. La parentesi dell’acquaforte: 1915-1918

7. Sete di vita: 1918-1923

8. La prima donna

9. Il primo successo: 1923-1924

10. L’affermazione: 1925-1927

11. Sulla strada per l’America: 1928-1929

12. Riconoscimenti: 1930-1933

13. La prima retrospettiva e la casa a Truro: 1933-1935

14. Un autoritratto intellettuale

15. Le conseguenze del successo: 1936-1938

16. La fatica del dipingere: 1939

17. Inizia la guerra: 1940

18. Una fallimentare odissea: 1941

19. Nighthawks: 1942

20. Messico: 1943

21. La guerra sul fronte domestico: 1944

22. Divergenze di stile: 1945

23. Ansie: 1946-1947

24. Malattia e lutti: 1948

25. Riflessioni malinconiche: 1949

26. Uno sguardo retrospettivo: 1950

27. Ancora Messico: 1951

28. La nascita di Reality: 1952

29. Reality: 1953

30. Tempo di bilanci: 1954

31. Una visione personale: 1955

32. L’articolo di copertina di Time: 1956

33. Verso la riconciliazione: 1957-1958

34. Excursion into Philosophy: 1959

35. Proteste: 1960

36. Ancora stampe: 1961-1962

37. L’ultimo spettacolo: 1963-1964

38. Cala il sipario: 1965-1968


Cancellata, ma non per sempre: la riscoperta di Jo Nivison Hopper

L’eredità di Hopper nelle arti visive

L’eredità di Hopper nel cinema

Edward Hopper

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