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Il deserto da cui non si esce

In the Uyghur language, Taklamakan means the desert « in which you can enter but from which you don’t return”. Nevertheless, many have defied the desert and triumphed. Oases and even kingdom rose from its sands, prospered and then fell down during the centuries. Today only few millennial ruins remain as testimony of this past, and at their side new towns, oil fields and skyscrapers have soared, symbols of the recent industrialisation that has turned the Xinjiang region, rich in oil, gas and uranium, into the new Chinese Eldorado. The book intertwines two ways of storytelling, photographs and narration, which are set in dialogue so as to present two points of view on the world which complement one another, mixing past and present, fiction and reality.

Written by
Topic Photography
Collection Fotografia
Publisher Johan & Levi
Size 24 x 22,5 cm
Pages 216 pages
Volume 100 colour images
Published on 07/2016
ISBN 9788860101730


Indice testuale

I diavoli stranieri
Da Dunhuang a Loulan: città operaie e città fantasma
Loulan. La città sepolta
Il coltello
Il racconto di Aman
Il contadino, il cavallo e Mao
Tra gli uiguri
I guardiani delle sabbie
Grand Hotel statale di Qiemo
Alla ricerca del Mazartag
Sulla strada per Tuyuk e Urumqi


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