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Ando Gilardi

Johan & Levi
Ando Gilardi (1921-2012) was a pioneer in the study of photography in Italy and the founder of the Fototeca Storica Nazionale. Partisan, journalist and photo reporter in 1950s Italy; trailblazer, researcher and digital artist, Gilardi was a controversial figure, a provocateur unwilling to toe the establishment line, but with a fan base of keen readers who faithfully followed his publications, exhibitions and subversive sorties into social media. The author of cornerstone texts on the history of photography such as Storia sociale della fotografia (1976), Wanted! (1978), Storia della fotografia pornografica (2002) and Meglio ladro che fotografo (2007), he also created the magazines Photo 13Phototeca and Storia Infame della fotografia pornografica.

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