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La figura femminile nel lavoro di Adrian Paci

In his works Adrian Paci creates stories in pictures that blend the uniqueness of everyday experience with the history of painting, film and literature. He reflects on issues like loss and migration: people abandoning their homelands and embarking on a quest for a personal and geographical alternative. Paci works with photography, sculpture and video, using different techniques and materials which enable him to achieve considerable freedom of expression and style.
Against the backdrop of these narratives he often inserts or simply evokes the presence of one or more female figures that do not appear to play a distinct role but rather embody a mystery that the artist chooses not to reveal. But what is the role of the female figure in this fascinating visual era?
She sprang a desire to explore this aspect of Paci's work by analysing a selection of works on the theme. The book, which features a new piece by the artist, is the result of a dialogue between Paci and Paola Nicolin: an opportunity to reflect on the visible or invisible presence of a female figure that adds a human element to the narrative. In Paci's art women are often entrusted with the task of preserving memories and traditions, and being the focal point for the interwoven stories that contribute to constructing our constantly shifting identity: the alternation of crisis, alienation, abandonment and return that characterises human existence.

Written by
Collection il punto
Publisher Johan & Levi
Size cm 12 x 18
Pages 86
Illustrations 22 images b/w
Published on 2014
ISBN 9788860101259


Indice testuale

La figura femminile nel lavoro di Adrian Paci
Corpo vs storytelling
Esodo e ritorno

Adrian Paci


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