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Paola Nicolin

Johan & Levi
Contemporary art historian, teaches visual arts at Bocconi University in Milan and combines her research activities with criticism and curating. From 2007 to 2011 she was art editor of the magazine Abitare. Author of Palais de Tokyo (2006), Castelli di Carte. La XIV Triennale, Milano 1968 (2011) and Being Cattelan (2011), she has worked for museums and taken part in seminars and conferences in Italian and foreign universities, regularly publishing essays and articles in catalogues and magazines such as ArtforumDomusArtpressLogManifesta JournalFlash ArtMousse and Kaleidoscope. Picture by Linda Fregni Nagler.

Author's books


La figura femminile nel lavoro di Adrian Paci

Paola Nicolin

pages: 86

In his works Adrian Paci creates stories in pictures that blend the uniqueness of everyday experience with the history of painting, film and literature. He reflects on issues like loss and migration: people abandoning their homelands and embarking on a quest for a personal and geographical alternative. Paci works with photography, sculpture and vid

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