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Marco Enrico Giacomelli

Johan & Levi
Journalist with a PhD in aesthetics, studied philosophy at the universities of Turin, Paris VIII and Bologna. Joint founder of the e-journal ReF-Recensioni Filosofiche and editor of Artribune, he worked on the Abécédaire de Michel Foucault (2004) and the Abécédaire de Jacques Derrida (2007). His publications include Another Italian Anomaly? On Embedded Critics (2005), La Nouvelle École Romaine (2006), Ascendenze e discendenze foucaultiane in Italia: dall’operaismo italiano al futuro (in Foucault-Marx. Paralleli e paradossi, 2010) and Un filosofo tra patafisica e surrealismo. René Daumal dal Grand Jeu all’induismo (2011). Picture by Emanuele Cetara.

Author's books

Di tutto un pop

Un percorso fra arte e scrittura nell'opera di Mike Kelley

Marco Enrico Giacomelli

pages: 72 pages

Known primarily as a visual artist, Mike Kelley was in actual fact an irrepressible, multifaceted figure. In addition to using the most varied means of expression, from drawing to video, performance and installation, he often went beyond the traditional boundaries of the work by incorporating writing in the creative process and producing statements

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