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Massimiliano Gioni

Johan & Levi
The Artistic Director of New York’s New Museum, as well as the Director of the Nicola Trussardi Foundation of Milan, Massimiliano Gioni has curated numerous international exhibits, including the Venice Biennial (2013). With Jeff Koons he organised “Appearance Stripped Bare: Desire and the Object in the Work of Marcel Duchamp and Jeff Koons, Even”, at the Jumex Museum in Mexico City (2019), the first exhibit to bring together the work of Jeff Koons and that of Marcel Duchamp, plus the major retrospective “Jeff Koons: Lost in America” in Doha, Qatar (2021).

Author's books

Il desiderio messo a nudo

Conversazioni con Jeff Koons

Massimiliano Gioni

pages: 144 pages

A sense of euphoria and invigorating plenty pervade the world of Jeff Koons and his body of work addressing the allure of mass-consumer goods, banal objects whose almost erotic enticement is further heightened by his use of mirror-like materials that turn the pieces into voluptuous temptresses who seek to seduce viewers by getting them to heed the

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