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Marcel Broodthaers

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In a career of just twelve years, the Belgian Marcel Broodthaers (Brussels, 1924 – Cologne, 1976) produced more ideas than most artists do in an entire lifetime. After devoting himself to poetry for twenty years, he abandoned it in 1964 to enter into a pact with a universe of very different values, namely the visual arts. Traversing media freely – from installation and sculpture to artist’s books, prints, film and inscriptions on aluminium panels – Broodthaers embodied the “post-media artist” for whom any form could be used in the service of an idea. The conceptions that drove his work included institutional critique (of which he was a pioneer), the debunking of art and visual puzzles. Edited by the artist’s daughter Marie-Puck Broodthaers, the book includes a vast selection of previously unpublished photographs, two important art-critical studies, a complete exhibition chronology and a select bibliography. With its 350 colour photographs, this is the most important and authoritative monograph ever published on Marcel Broodthaers.

Written by
Edited by
Topic Personalities
Collection Illustrati
Publisher Johan & Levi
Size cm 26 x 31
Pages 320 pages
Illustrations 350 colour images
Published on 10/2013
ISBN 9788860101075


Indice testuale

Prefazione di Maria Gilissen-Broodthaers

La conquista dello spazio di Wilfried Dickhoff

«Io dico… Io tautologizzo. Io conservo. Io sociologizzo. Io manifesto…» di Bernard Marcadé

Fotografie e film prima del 1963

Moules, OEufs, Frites, Pots, Charbon [Cozze, Uova, Patate fritte, Pentole, Carbone]

Cronologia e piano del Museo d’Arte Moderna, Dipartimento delle Aquile

Moules, OEufs, Frites, Pots, Charbon, Perroquet [Cozze, Uova, Patate fritte, Pentole, Carbone, Pappagallo]

L’Angélus de Daumier


Biografia di Michael Compton

Mostre personali e collettive


Film, proiezioni di diapositive e edizioni

Collezioni, crediti fotografici e ringraziamenti

Marcel Broodthaers

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