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Robert Rauschenberg

Un ritratto

One of the most innovative and influential artists of his generation, Robert Rauschenberg (Port Arthur, 1925 – Captiva Island, 2008), is a key figure in the radical upheavals that American visual art went through as from the late 1950s during the transition from Abstract Expressionism to Pop Art. Born in Texas and part Cherokee on his mother’s side, Rauschenberg daringly challenged all assumptions on taking his first steps in the art world. From his first stay in Paris, the formative experience at Black Mountain College under the guidance of Joseph Albers and his trip to Rome with Cy Twombly to his friendship with John Cage and Merce Cunningham and recognition at the international level with the award of the Golden Lion at the 1964 Venice Biennial, his art developed off the beaten track in the field of experimentation that breaks all the rules, transforming the two-dimensional space of the painting into a receptacle for heterogeneous materials.

Newspaper cuttings, pieces of fabric, photographs and found objects, nothing was excluded from his Combine paintings, hybrid creations halfway between painting and sculpture, which combine a love for discarded objects inherited from Dadaist collage with abstract-Art Informel brushwork.

Calvin Tomkins offers us extraordinary insight into the revolution whereby art emerged from the museums and galleries to occupy the centre of the social stage. He presents its leading figures: the old guard of Pollock and de Kooning and the new generation of Jasper Johns, Frank Stella and Andy Warhol alongside art dealers and gallery owners like Betty Parsons, Leo Castelli and the collector and patron Peggy Guggenheim. He documents the rise to the pinnacle of success of the artist who aimed more than any other in this context at a cumulative art, the irrepressible innovator who stated his desire to create a situation in which there was as much space for the viewer as the artist.

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Topic Personalities
Collection Biografie
Publisher Johan & Levi
Size cm 15.5 x 23
Pages 304 pages
Illustrations 14 images b/w e 8 colour
Published on 09/2008
ISBN 9788860100030


Indice testuale

1. Venezia 1964

2. Port Arthur

3. Più che altro pasticci

4. Black Mountain

5. Tragedia, estasi, fato e così via

6. Numeri bianchi

7. Un luogo in cui l’arte si fa

8. John Cage

9. Feticci personali

10. Enfant terrible

11. Danzatori

12. Jasper Johns

13. Perché non starnutire Rose Sélavy?

14. Uscire

15. Verso il teatro

16. Gli anni sessanta

17. Eroi vecchi e nuovi

18. The Construction of Boston

19. Riconoscimento

20. La Cappella Sistina sulla Broadway

21. Incidenti di viaggio in Europa e in Asia

22. Nine Evenings 205

23. La (non così) grande società

24. «Non c’è soluzione perché non c’è problema»

25. Il tramonto di un’epoca

26. Captiva

27. Tutto ciò che mi sta attorno Autobiografia

Robert Rauschenberg

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